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Why is STEM important?

STEM offers more work prospects for students, a better quality of education, and a capable and competent skilled workforce for the future. As our world becomes more focused on science and technology, it is important to be prepared to keep up with the demands while ensuring your employment opportunities.

Without STEM, companies and organizations within the United States and other countries would not be able to find the workers they need to fill vital rolls needed to keep up with progress.


Mission X: Train Like an Astronaut

Mission X is an international educational challenge that focuses on health, science, fitness and nutrition and encourages pupils to train like an astronaut!

This year’s Mission X challenge has been extended to 30 July 2021. If the mascots Luna and Leo reach their destination before this date the points calculator will be restarted to see if they can make it to the Moon again!

Our Programs:

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From Cradle to Career

NSA is the sole organisation that drives the STEM Mini Theater Project which carries the slogan of From Cradle to Career.

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Code and Robo STEM

Learn programing, coding , Artificial Intelligence (Ai) and understand how robots works. NSA helps equip our generation with future skills and career.

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Amazing STEM Agriculture

Step up your farming skills with STEM. Learn how to best farm, grow your vegetables and have it fresh on your plate.

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What They Say

I am a strong proponent of STEM/STEAM education for many reasons. One being I am a maker, I like to make things, a paper plane, lego building, logo bot etc. This keeps me occupied and not get involved with “jackass” stuff. This making stuff keeps my mind active, improves critical thinking etc.


The focus of FIRST is STEM, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However the program encompasses other types of interests, and the problem starts when we start to invalidate those other fields.


As someone with a “STEM” degree working as a “STEM Professional” I so much like it.

STEAM gets us closer, but I don’t think it really does justice to just how important communication is. I like METALS, it covers things that are important.