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Benefits of Joining NSA

  • Discounts on attending seminar or workshop organized by NSA.
  • Book, module and kit discounts.
  • Discounts on STEM study tour locally and Internationally STEM equipment.
  • Discounts Networking with STEM-based Industries.

Membership Fee

  • Registration fee : RM10 
  • Annual fee : RM50


We welcome new members to help mobilize the association. The requirements to become a member are as follows:

Ordinary members

i. Citizenship: Malaysia
ii. Minimum Age: 18 Years
iii. Area / State Member’s Residence: Malaysia
iv. Races: ALL
v. Gender: ALL
vi. Religion: ALL

  • Application for membership must be proposed and supported by the member.
  • Committee may reject any application at its discretion without assigning a reason.