STEM Module: Food & Beverage For Preschoolers

How can cooking relate to learning STEM for preschool children? Especially in this pandemic time that required all children to stay at home and learned virtually. There is a growing need to develop learning module that can easily be conducted by parents. The best solution is that making the kitchen a virtual laboratory for exploring all sorts of STEM topics outlined in the National Preschool Standards-Based Curriculum. Preparing food is a daily part of life, which means that the learning occurs in a natural, meaningful context with delicious results. Thus, by converting the kitchen into a virtual lab the parents can get learning materials that readily at their own home. These readily available materials and apparatus will be used in experimenting, taking measurements, learning about patterns, classifying, and observing cause and effect, etc.


Dr. Nur Suhaidah Sukor, Dr. Connie Cassy Ompok, Dr. Musirin Bin Mosin
Faculty of Psychology & Education, 
Universiti Malaysia Sabah

Puan Masalinah Jamri 
SK Rampayan, Menggatal, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Implementation of a module by Early Childhood Students at UMS

  • Brain Max Noel Justin
  • Azrul Azaharee Husin
  • Scully Richard
  • Greeley D Yakobus
  • Jelisah Jainus
  • Abdul Hisyam Bin Mahda @Muhammad Muhaiman
  • Charissa Ann A/P Santhanasamy
  • Mimi Nazerah Binti Mahidi
  • Mohd Nazri Bin Bahtiar
  • Nurul Noorizanie Binti Rosman
  • Nor Effizah Azwieanna Binti Amatan
  • Natasha Anak Aleng
  • Santi Anak Sa
  • Ain Nasuha Binti Abdul Majid
  • Nur Anis Balqis Binti Rashid
  • Nur Shaidatul Shadah Binti Mohd Sarip
  • Siti Hajar Binti Abd Ghani
  • Emylda Joseph
  • Irdina Iwani Bt Junaidih
  • Safira Inaya Gusti
  • Naila Chasanah
  • Maeve Judi
  • Rowency Anak Suntek
  • Masdilah Binti Abdillah
  • Nurul Farah Sakinah Binti Rasidi
  • Renelyn Valentine Pontilas
  • Abdul Khalid Bin Antang
  • Fatin Najwa Binti Mazlee
  • Nur Zafirah Afiqah Binti Mohd Yusoff
  • Nur Emmila Binti Razali
  • Noramirah Ayu Binti Hapnah
  • Muhammad Arham Bin Kamarul Bakri
  • Rabi’Atul Adawiyah Binti Derim
  • Azmil Bin Burhami
  • Nor Amizah Binti Asmawi
  • Aqila Khikmatul Ummah
  • Dinda Alianda
  • Ovi Rianti
  • Salsabila Putri Dewanti
  • Adhista Ellenatasya
  • Dea Ayu Kartika Putri
  • Filsa Lailanina

" What we have achieved today isn’t small. It’s our biggest success yet. The best part is that you made it all possible, and thank you for a job well-done. "

Teachers encouraged kids to try STEM Activities at home

Videos of Children Doing STEM Activities (Food & Beverage) at home

Putri Qaleysha binti Mohd Saiful Zam
Putra Qaulalhaq bin Mohd Saiful Zam