National STEM Association Industrial Members

Author by: Shah Rizailli Mukhtar, Dr. Hazeeq Hazwan Azman and Respective Industrial Members

Currently linked with 41 registered industrial members from various STEM clusters throughout Malaysia, including 22 highly active industrial players, National STEM Association (NSA) is strengthening its industrial links by acknowledging 14 of them with the Letter of Collaboration for Cooperation (LOI4C). This letter signifies their commitment, contribution and collaboration.  Embracing the value of friendship, these members enthusiastically promote NSA objectives and local innovation STEM programs. NSA is pleased to announce these 14 members as their STEM "Best Practices" will definitely add value to NSA and benefit our allies and the public through our joint events including webinars, training sessions, workshops, cooperative proposals and corporate discussions, to name just a few.

Pandai: A smart solution for trying times

Pandai is the fastest-growing education technology application in Malaysia. Founded in 2019, Pandai is a learning app that helps students learn, practice, assess their knowledge, and identify their weaknesses. With Pandai, students get better grades in school though game-like quizzes, tests, exams, notes, videos and many more. The Pandai app is available in both BM and English, and is accessible via Android, iOS and web devices. More than 250,000 users have registered on Pandai. The content in Pandai covers all major subjects in the national curriculum (KSSR and KSSR). Pandai has received numerous national and international recognitions. The Edge Market reported on how Pandai aims to helping thousands of students in Malaysia get the A.

Matroll Solutions: A Practical Digital Teaching Approach

MatrollÂŽ Solutions thru its myFlowLab Education wing thrives at innovating tools, one such is the FlowLogic 6, a local and global award-winning software tool and learning resources for learners from primary school to universities to engage in hands-on and mind-on activities in fundamental Technology and Engineering blended with Science and Mathematics. This approach is primarily to ignite them towards STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), Innovation, as well as to enhance their core competencies to acquire essential skills in the following areas: Computational Thinking, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Creativity, Communication, Collaboration, Digital Literacy, Data Literacy and Computer Science. myFlowLab operates as a very lean organization with project-centric leads and team members. They have almost a team of 300 alumni globally, equipped with the knowledge and skills to deploy their unique framework and courses in STEM and Digital Technologies.

Sedam Development & Consultant: STIFIn Test and Talent Mapping

Sedam development and consultant, always sought to provide the quality of learning, one of which is the implementation of the Stifin test and Talent Mapping test to explore the student’s potential. The STIFin test is a test conducted by scanning the ten fingertips of students. The fingerprint carries information about the composition of the nerve structure and is then analyzed and connected with a certain hemispheres that dominant role as an operating system and as well as a machine of intelligence. Stifin divides the intelligence into five parts, namely: 1) Sensing is known for sensory intelligence, 2) Thinking is known for its logic wit, 3) Intuiting is known for his sixth Sense intelligence, 4) Feeling is known for its emotional intelligence, and 5) Insting is known for its seventh sense of intelligence. Talents mapping is a way to assess or assess and explore talents (productive characteristics) and our potential strengths with a complete, easy to understand and interesting display of results.  

new Legend Soft Enterprise: Creating A New Legend

New Legend Soft Enterprise (NL Soft) began its journey as a Malaysian start-up founded by two best friends, Mohamad Haziq Aiman and Khairil Anwar Rusli, on 1st of April 2019. The former as CEO of the company and is responsible for business management and marketing while the latter as Deputy CEO and is responsible for the technical aspect of the business. The company’s activity focuses on developing software, applications, games and more recently on augmented reality (AR) technology – one of the pillars of Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR 4.0). The decision to include AR is in line with the government policy in regard to IR 4.0 development to improve industries, academic institutions, and the community. Other than that, the company also conducts training programmes regarding 3D modelling, game and application development, and AR development. Among the achievements of the company is successful collaboration with strategic partners such as UniKL and NSA.

nexL Consultancy: Leading is Growing

NexL Consultancy is established by 20 October 2020 with the intention to helps new entrepreneurs as well as employers to improves and increase their competency in performing and building their business. NexL Consultancy provides training, mentoring, consulting and coaching for new entrepreneurs and employers emphasized on the internal business process, automation and optimization as the focal point. It is critical for a business entity to acquire and implement exceptional skill and knowledge in order to develop their business for long term namely in project management, strategic planning people development and marketing principles. For employers to have self initiatives in their job to solve any issues and continuous improvement to reduce bottleneck thus increase the fluidity of value chain from the company to the customers are crucial. It is crucial to realize that the employers performance are one of the most important determinant internal factors for the companies stay relevant and in high level execution in the market and industry.

Innovacia: Experience Construction 4.0 Innovation

Innovacia was formed as a Malaysian-owned Construction Technology (ConsTech) company in 2006 to serve both professionals and the STEM/TVET communities in Training, Research, ICT Solutions and Publications. Supporting Best Practices towards realising the Construction4.0 agenda; IBS and Digital Construction are our focus areas. Innovacia delivered more than 300 ConsTech courses; including Train-the-Trainer sessions; and an accredited CIDB Training Centre since 2008. Besides traditional modes, School of IBSxBIM is our self-paced online training portal. Innovacia also offer research services including project/product assessment, framework development, industry studies and training modules (delivered 15 national-level docs); and involvement in technical committees for MS, CIS, NOSS & WIM. Innovacia owns Malaysia’s only CAD/BIM software, TiffinBIM; started as TiffinCAD in 2011. Latest solutions include Innovacia VR/AR gamifications, Innovacia Beacons (IoT system), IBS Revit (BIM-based IBS Score calculator) and XpoMaya, the VR Event Portal. binaTECH is our ConsTech magazine; a long-time media partner for many international expos.

ShazInnovation Solution: Visualizing the Invisible

ShazInnovation Solution collaborates with strategic partners in order to simplify and deliver complex solutions to clients. They adopt ISO56000 guidelines to provide a more comprehensive package tailored to clients’ needs. ShazInnovation Solution’s core competency is People Analytics using the unique Social Capital Data Analytics or SCDA, developed by Dr Rahmat Shazi. This identifies the client’s REAL trust networks and key influencers in order to provide firms with the best data-driven management tactics or interventions, and the best people/teams who should execute them. Such intel is even more critical for Innovation Value Chain management, whose success is dependent on integrating multiple competencies to deliver novel ideas to users. ShazInnovation Solution translates this experience into contextually-driven education modules for school kids at their affiliated STEM4ALL Makerspace center at DaMen Mall USJ. This gives our young ones an early handhold on skillsets that high value industries require.

LTT Global: Ed-Tech Pioneer in Mobile Learning & Experience

LTT Global, a global pioneer and leader in the Ed-Tech industry in the space of mobile learning and learning experience platforms. We are digital knowledge curation experts.Our STEMCareer4U learning platform designed to assist Educators, Students and Parents in the teaching STEM subjects with ease. Our curated STEM global content is inline with the STEM curriculum guidelines and students pick up extra skills such as creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication skills. It is encouraged to apply these skills in the engaging activities while learning and it makes it easier for them to learn and understand concepts better. Our learning platforms are endorsed by Organisation for Economic Cooperation & Development (OECD) as proven building capacity platforms. We aim to deliver knowledge and learning that inspires students of today towards building a sustainable tomorrow and to take charge of their future by preparing them for the jobs of tomorrow!

Global Children Network: The Key 2 Maths Breakhrough

14 Day Key 2 Maths Copyrighted Online Multiplication Program establishes a powerful and positive bond between children and Mathematics. We are rooting and championing children to develop strong STEM fundamentals at an impressionable age. One of the root causes of children disliking Mathematics stems from their inability to memorise multiplication at an early age. We are revolutionising how children learn multiplication in the most fun and easy way via engaging pictures, captivating & funny stories, patterns, and logical thinking. Key 2 Maths is a Must Have, Breakthrough and a New Paradigm Shift for children as young as 7 to 14 years olds to learn multiplication in just 2 weeks. The whole brain method of coaching thousands of children is transforming children to love Mathematics. Thus, giving them a head start in school and helping them acquire a lifetime skill. We believe “Every Child Deserves the Key 2 Maths Breakthrough”.

Q Aerotech: Drone Education & Service Provider for the future

Q AEROTECH is a Grassroot Focused Drone Education & Service Provider. With the vision to Share beneficial knowledge regarding drones and the aviation industry, we develop programs and collaborations that will entice youth and prepare them to be future ready workforce. Inline with the STEM curriculum, we will create networks and paths that will invigorate the education network and the Socio-economic of the Nation. Drone in STEM, Drone Sadaqah & Mentor the future Drone Mentor are some of the Best Practice that we will showcase initially, and with Community Empowerment in mind. Q AeroAcademy™️ will be the learning platform, Q Droneclub™️ will be the entrepreneurship infrastructure, and Q Comrades™️ will be the community. 

RS Home Educare: Home Based Learning Centre

RS Home Educare has been a Home Based Learning Centre in Petaling Jaya Selangor since 2009. It provides a learning experience holistically. Commit to making all students successful by getting a good grasp of the school syllabus or the subject matter taught, excel equally in lateral, creative and critical thinking skills. The ability to think ‘out of the box is essential for your continuous success. The primary objective is to make sure students fully understand the lessons given to them and not encourage rote learning. Students need to learn their lessons by understanding how is knowledge applied through experiments. This learning method gives students an edge because they can confidently apply the knowledge gained through practical scenarios when they answer examination questions.

Eduspace: Multi-Pronged Training Provider for All

Eduspace Training & Events is a multi-pronged training provider targeting children to adults. Our programs integrate experiential learning methodology to ensure the participants appreciate and reexperience the learning. We are using Design Thinking framework to execute problem-based learning to better integrate national curriculum standards with real-world problems. We try our best to use low-cost / readily available materials because we believe that innovation does not necessarily use sophisticated materials. Learning outcomes of each of our programs were determined by our participants using “the 5% change” reflection technique to encourage independent learning and self-reflection. In addition to what has been said, we are currently campaigning earth sciences program to engage schoolchildren with their surroundings. We are also active in supporting non-science teachers to connect their subjects with science, organizing programs for university graduates and entrepreneurial programs.