NSA is looking forward to work with more Malaysian and global Industry Partners (STEM Providers and STEM-related Industry Players) as Collaborators. We welcome Certification Partners, Direct Sponsors, Investors (for Product Commercialisation), Student Mentors, Internship Providers, Participants (for events and products certifications), Future Employers and many other modes of collaboration in making the STEM activities successful.

Rajinder Singh also known as Tutor Raj is a committed Add math Tutor. His programme impacted teachers and students around Malaysia. He integrates fun and exploration in teaching method consist of three learning methods which are :
  • Inquiry Based Learning
  • Project Based Learning
  • Problem Solving Based Learning
MyFlowLab Education
focuses on creating educational tools and learning resources collaborating with Arduino boards that are easy and fast to apply for students to start soft engaging with technology, innovating to acquire soft skills and 21st century know-how as they progress through middle school, high school, university and help them thrive thru project based learning.
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Starting with IBS knowledge events way back in 2007, training is still our core business while being complemented by other supporting activities. Innovacia is a HRDF Training Provider and a CIDB Accredited Training Provider (Pusat Latihan Bertauliah CIDB). We specialise in IBSxBIM and offer the following : Training, Research, ICT Solutions Publications
With a vision to become a Household Name for Fastrack Multiplication, Global Children Network mission is discovering children’s Gifts and Abilities through K2M Innovative Multiplication Methodology. GNC has created Key 2 Maths as an exclusive and copyrighted Program developed to literally be the key that establishes powerful and positive bonds between children and Mathematics. We coach children do multiplication in just 2 days!!!
Apadilangit is a space theme STEM education program aims to inspire Malaysia generation with our wonderful cosmos. Also known as Universe Awareness Malaysia Internationally, Apadilangit is one of 63 countries in Universe Awareness programme under Leiden University supported by UNESCO. Apadilangit is a strategic education partner with Malaysia Space Agency (MYSA), National Planetarium, member of Malaysia Space initiative (MiSI) and participate in Volunteer Involving Organisations for Space (SPACEVIO).